The 3 Stages of Post-Escape Game Euphoria!


Escape Zone Euphoria-180The Escape Zone in Melbourne, Florida is a unique challenge that attracts gamers from across the state. Escape game contestants come from all ages and walks of life, but one thing they have in common: A hunger for a fun adventure! After each group leaves one of our escape room games, each contestant typically goes through these stages, in no exact order:

JOYFUL PRIDE: We’ve seen many contestants exit their room with the thrill of victory written all over their faces! This phase typically last at least one night.



INSTANT NOSTALGIA: Thanks to our post-game picture room, you and your friends can pose for a group shot immediately after your game concludes.

NEWFOUND DETERMINATION: Once you solve your first escape room challenge, you will want to test your puzzle-solving skills in our other rooms. Currently, we offer: CSI: Homicide, Shipwrecked and Heist.

To book a room, visit the Escape Zone Booking Page:

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